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J'adore Calisthenics

Our Club…

​​​​J'adore is french for love, being fond of or adoring. When you discover the love and passion for calisthenics like so many do, you will see why J'adore was such a fitting name for our club.  J'adore opened in 2014 by our Principal Coach, Jacinta. We celebrated 5 years in 2018.

We welcome members of all ages, whether you are new to Calisthenics or an ex-calisthenic pupil. We have wonderful coaches, assistants and helpers in all sections to help and support all pupils. 

J'adore places high values on creating a family orientated club, and we welcome new families.


What we offer…

​- Competitions – Local Competitions including State Titles (Between 2 and 5)
​- Costume Wardrobe  (no sewing required)
​- End of Year Concert
​- A.C.F Examinations (Optional)
- Coaching Cadetship (Senior age)
​​- Competitive Solo, Graceful, Duo training
- Presentation Night celebrations
- Participants receive medals that have been awarded at competitions throughout the year. 

J'adore Club Uniform

J’adore club colours are deep purple and black. Club t-shirts and uniforms are available to order. Competition uniform requires all pupils to wear club jacket, their own black pants and any plain black shoes.