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J'adore Calisthenics

​What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a combination of GYMNASTICS, DANCE, BALLET, DRAMA and APPARATUS’. Calisthenics is a team sport, which is competitive. J’adore‘s younger teams compete in 2-4 local competitions a year, one of which is a State Title. We support you through your childs journey in Calisthenics, so you do not need to be from a calisthenics or dancing background yourself.

​Pupils learn choreographed routines in different disciplines, similar in context to gymnastics, which are performed in costume on stage.

 “Do I need to be flexible?” No of course not. There is a degree of flexibility, however it is not necessary to be flexible. Calisthenics requires an array of different skills from each team member. 

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Why Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is more than a sport, it begins as an interest and develops into a passion. Calisthenics can influence poise, grace and strength in pupils.  Some skills that naturally develop through the years of Calisthenics training  can last a life time. Through training with other team members, goals and aspirations are set to conquer, and the year is spent creating routines that are planned to entertain spectators with glitter and glam, showcasing new developed skills on stage.

Receiving your first costume for the year, completing your routines and the joy and laughter that occurs in any calisthenics class is a wonderful and uplifting moment to be apart of…but even more so is stepping out onto the stage and dancing as you have rehearsed for months, and hearing the applause and cheer from your supporting team, friends and family. Calisthenics is a wonderful community to be apart of, and we would like you to come and share with us the journey and experiences that we are so fond of.

For the love of Calisthenics